What to Do After Polishing Car? Proper Explanation

Having a shiny mirror-like car is everyone’s dream. So you buy all the equipment and buffing pads, along with the polishing agent, sealants, and wax. You start the polishing and when you are done, you get puzzled. 

What to do after polishing car? Do you wash it? Or wax it? Confusing head twister we have to say. 

With some car enthusiasts suggesting washing and some waxing, the best would be going for the waxing right after polishing your car. And proceed with washing afterward. Why? Let’s explain in detail. 

what to do after polishing car

What Comes After Polishing a Car? | The Dilemma of Wash or Wax?

A lot of people can’t figure out what to do right after polishing their car. Which is understandable, as you are basically done with taking care of it. But do you wash it? Or wax and seal it before that or after? 

To that confusion, we have an easy solution. You have just polished your car. It is still vulnerable. There should be some type of protection that can keep the shine last, right? 

So you go in this order, polish>seal or wax>wash. And never change the sequence. But a lot of people suggest washing and then waxing. This doesn’t make sense, as you need to clean the wax and sealant afterward. 

Here are the steps you should go through after polishing your car. 

1. Wax or Seal

The first thing to do right after polishing your car is seal the polish. As there will be a residue of the polish, you should rub it down and then wax or seal it. 

2. Clean the Interior

As you are already taking things to the next level, you should clean the interior. This not only keeps your car in top shape but also keeps the order. 

3. Start Washing 

After you are done with the interior, move on to giving your car a good wash. A soapy car wash should do the trick along with a sponge rub. This will remove any excess sealant or wax. Also, clean the tires, and glasses in the process. 

4. Pat Dry, Not Air or Sun Dry

When you’re done washing your car, use microfiber cloths to pat dry the car. This step seems a bit unnecessary, but when you get the watermarks later on instead of a spotless finish, you will regret not doing the drying. Also, the waxing lasts longer this way. 

After all, that, keep your car in continuous care and maintenance to get the best out of it. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Aanswers)

How do you seal a car after polishing it?

After polishing your car, use the buffer and do a swift cleaning to remove any excess polish. Then proceed with a new pad to add the sealant. 

How long do I have to wait to wash my car after polishing?

It totally depends on the type of polish you are using. Usually, it is a 24-hour wait, but it can go up to 48 hours. So make sure you read the instructions for your polish and proceed forward. 

How many days does car polish last?

Varying on the type and brand of polish, it can last up to 2 to 3 months. But it also depends on your usage, and how you wax and seal it afterward. Which adds more numbers to the polish to last. 

What is better car wax or polish?

Both wax and polish are required to maintain a good-looking car and secure your paint. While polish removes the scratches and brings in the shine, wax protects the polish from other environmental harm to the car’s exterior. 


Polishing your car and the work afterward might seem like a lot of work, but trust us, the satisfaction that you get out of it is unimaginable. It’s like a dedication to yourself, to bring your inner peace and gen out through care and love. So make sure you don’t just spray some water on the car after the polish and be done with it. 

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