[Answered] Does APC Remove Wax?

Whether you are planning on doing a paint job on a specific area, color correction or even changing the wax sealant off of your car, you will have to remove the one that was applied in the first place. You cannot simply scrub it off, as it will damage the paint job or worse, the car exterior. 

One option you can think of is APC (All Purpose Cleaner). But does APC remove wax? Well, it does. But there are a few things that you need to put in order before you go ahead and apply for any APC off the shelf. 

And we are going to talk all about it. 

does apc remove wax

Factors to Consider Before Applying APC to Remove Wax

There are a thousand types of APC in the market. Some are way stronger to burn a hole in the paint job and some are not even close enough to remove the wax. Here are a few things you should keep in mind before applying APC to remove your wax sealant. 

  1. The Type and Layer of Wax

While working with APC might seem straightforward, your wax job might mess it up. Depending on the strength of your wax and layer of sealant or protector, you might need a stronger cleaner. So make sure you read about your wax before buying the cleaner. 

  1. Type and Strength of the APC

All-purpose cleaners come in all different strengths. The theory, ‘stronger the better’ might fo more harm to your car. A weaker one won’t get the job done. So make sure you go for something in the middle. 

  1. Where to Work With an APC

You should apply a cleaner in a well ventilated place. Make sure there is no heat as it can have adverse effects on your paint job. 

  1. How to Apply the APC

You have to dilute the APC with water. Depending on the product, the quantity can differ, so make sure you read the instructions carefully. And using a spray bottle would be the best way to apply it. 

  1. How Long Should You Keep It On

The duration will depend on your wax layer and structure. Make sure to scrub the surface gently after applying the APC with a brush. And when all the wax is removed, wash your car thoroughly with water.

In some cases, you might need to go for a second round. Give it time to work and don’t rush. 

Pro Tips:

  • Always wear gloves and protective glasses. 
  • Never use APC under direct sunlight. 
  • To know if the cleaner mixture isn’t harmful to your vehicle, use a small amount on a small surface before applying it all over. 

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and Answers)

What is the best product to remove wax?

People suggest isopropyl alcohol, car cleaning liquids to a lot of stuff to remove wax from your car. But APC would be the best one to use as it will do everything at once with less hassle and fuss. 

Will clay bar remove wax?

Yes. The clay bar will remove car wax efficiently. But remember not to use it if it is scratching the surface of your car. 

Does degreaser remove wax?

Yes. Degreaser will remove wax from your car. But remember to read the instructions as some degreasers are more powerful than others which might affect the paint. 

How do you get dried wax off a car?

APC, isopropyl alcohol, degreaser, cleaning soap, and even clay bars can be sued to get dried wax off a car. Make sure you don’t scratch the surface and follow the product’s instructions. 


All-purpose cleaners work like magic in removing wax and other elements. Make sure you get the right one for your car and don’t overdo it. Give it time to work and watch how effective it is.

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