Can I Use Baby Wipes in My Car? Is It Beneficial?

If there was one invention that saved a lot of parents with their children, that would be baby wipes. Baby oils and powders come second. While they are great and handle the little angels, the wipes have a wide range of uses. 

You can have a pack of them in your bag while going out in the summer heat or even camping. This solves you the extra time to carry a lot of other things like disinfectant, water, and towel. 

The possibilities are endless! But can you use baby wipes in your car? Of course, you can! They are the perfect cleaning solution for any accidental food drops or simple cleaning. But there are some factors you should pay attention to with some car parts and interior elements before you put them to use.

And we are going to talk all about it. 

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Is It Possible to Use Baby Wipe in My Car to Clean or Disinfectant It?

Yes! From its variety of uses, baby wipes can be an easy companion to clean your car. From spills to spring cleaning, you can do it all. 

But the thing that you keep an eye out for is if it is damaging any part of your car. Here is a list of things you should check out before using a baby wipe on them. 

A. Leather Seats and Steering Wheel Covers

Although baby wipes are made to be tolerating and friendly to baby skins, they are not so much on leather products. Some chemicals can cause adverse effects like discoloration or breakage on leather products like car seats and steering wheel covers. So test it before using it on a daily basis. 

B. Wood Details

We all know how chemicals, water, and wood don’t go well together. Though car interior wood detailing is treated to withstand moisture and water splashes, sometimes the chemicals cause them to lose their shine, and worse, damage them. So better stay away from the wood in your car. 

C. Parts With Paints

Alcohol and soap substances are one of the ingredients in wipes. So if you have fresh paint or anything that is painted in your car, we advise you don’t clean them with baby wipes. Unless you want them to fade over time. 

D. Fabric Detailing

Some fabrics don’t react well to, again, chemicals. And baby wipes have a lot of them. They are there to soothe clean and protect baby skins. Not so much for fabrics. They get damaged. So check and test before you use it on them. 

Can I Wash My Car With Wipes?

Baby wipes will clean up small dirt, stains of ketchup, or the coffee you spilled. Smaller things can be cleaned with wipes. But washing your car with wipes seems a bit over-ambitious. It will take a ton of wipes, not to mention how effective it will be against the dirt and mud. So sticking with car cleaners will be the best way.

Also, some stains inside your car cannot be taken down with baby wipes. Let’s face it, they are named BABY WIPES. So they deal with smaller issues. Not huge ones. Use microfiber towels instead for better results along with cleaning agents. 

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQs)

What wipes can I use on the inside of my car?

You can use any form of baby wipes or disinfectant wipes in your car. Check for harsh chemicals and follow the instructions leveled on them for more info before you buy them. 

Can I clean my dashboard with baby wipes?

Yes. You can clean your dashboard with baby wipes. The only thing that you cannot clean is the touch screen. As baby wipes have protective chemicals like glycerin and such, they will leave a coating over them. 


While there is a baby wipe cannot handle, a huge stain or buildup of dirt cannot be cleaned or treated with it. Leave it to the car cleaning APC (All Purpose Cleaner) pros. Otherwise, it will cost you a ton of wipes that might put a dent in your bank account. Till next time, Happy cleaning!

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